About Me

"People ignore design that ignores people." - Frank Chimero

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On-boarding CX
Enterprise SaaS
Website Optimisation
"Transparent Products"
About Me

Hi, I’m Nadav, and I like to read. A lot.

Not just books. I like reading people's behaviors, passion, feelings, norms, frustrations, dreams, daily goals, etc.
When you read people, you try to read between the lines. Because in those areas - huge opportunities live.

And I have done that, all across my career: Reading people language and know what makes them trigger to buy something - as a copywriter. Learned how to read team players and give them the story line for them to be the best at work - as a creative director. Learn what the market need and write a new pages in my life and consumers lives - launching the 1st shoppable Instagram startup as an entrepreneur.

Feel free to join me in opening new chapters in any product.
Crafting a new story that captures readers hearts & souls.


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